Members of Local 47 enjoy comprehensive health & welfare coverage for themselves and their families, and a generous retirement plan.
Local 47 welfare and pension benefits are based on hourly contributions from union contractors for hours worked. Employers must remit contributions for hours worked by the 15th of the month following the month in which the work was performed. The rates at which the contractor must remit are based on the collective agreement in effect at that time, and vary according to your level of apprenticeship or journeyman status.
The administrator maintains a Welfare & Pension account in your name that tracks the contributions received, and in the case of Welfare, the insurance premiums paid out.
Insurance coverage will start on the 1st of the 2nd month following the accumulation of the required hours. Members may contact the plan administrator to determine if contributions have been received, and to confirm coverage. At retirement, members may continue their Health & Dental coverage.
The goal of the Local 47 Pension fund is to provide members with a meaningful retirement income. Pension contributions will be remitted by on a member’s behalf beginning with the 1st year of apprenticeship for a sheet metal worker. As with Welfare contributions, the hourly contribution rate will depend on the collective agreement and your level of apprenticeship.
Members receive a pension statement and report showing hours worked throughout the year from the plan administrator annually. Members are advised to review these statements carefully to ensure the correct hours of work are being reported.
New Member Welfare Plan Eligibility: 200 hours
Welfare Plan Reinstatement Eligibility: 200 hours
You will be insured the 1st of the 2nd month following the accumulation of 200 hours. For example, if you started working in July, reached 200 hours midway through August, your insurance would be effective September 1. Should your insurance lapse due to temporary lay-off, you will be reinstated the first of the month following 200 hours worked once you return to work at a contributing contractor.
Welfare Coverage Summary
Life Insurance:$50,000
A lump sum benefit payable to your named beneficiary
Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $50,000
An additional benefit payable to your named beneficiary in the event of accidental death
Dependent Life Insurance -spouse:$5,000
Dependent Life Insurance -children:$2,500
Weekly Indemnity: current E.I. maximum
Weekly income replacement for work absences due to accident or sickness
  • Benefit not to exceed 70% of gross weekly earnings, payable for 26 weeks
  • Benefit begins on the first day for an accident or the eighth day of sickness
  • Benefit is not payable for any week member is eligible for EI sickness benefits
Long-Term Disability:
Monthly income replacement for work absences of a long-term nature due to accident or sickness
  • Benefits start on the 180th day of disability and are payable to age 65
  • Journeymen, 4th, 5th year apprentices $2,000/month
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd year apprentices $1,400/month
Extended Healthcare:
Medical coverage to supplement provincial medicare
  • Prescription drugs 100%
  • Paramedical practitioners 100%
  • chiropractor, physiotherapist, podiatrist, etc. : up to $30 per visit/$600 per year
  • § massage therapist up to $50 per visit/$800 per year
  • Services and supplies
  • Lenses and frames 100% up to $400/18 months
  • Eye exams 100% up to $80/18 months
  • Laser Eye Surgery $2,000 lifetime max (member only)
  • Basic services (cleanings 2x/year, x-rays, extractions) 100%/$2,000/yr/person
  • Major services (bridges, dentures) 80%/$2,000/yr/person
  • Orthodontics (children up to age 18) 50%/$3,000 lifetime max
  • Benefits are paid according to the current ODA Fee Guide
  • Dental maximums reduce by 50% for those members effective July 1 or later
Further information can be obtained from the plan administrator:
Union Benefits 
151 Frobisher Dr., Suite E-220
Waterloo, ON  N2V 2C9
Toll-free (800) 265-2568
All Welfare plan claims should be submitted to the above address. Claim forms are available at or by contacting Union Benefits.  Please note that only original receipts can be processed – faxed copies cannot be accepted.  Dental claims may be accepted electronically.