Officers and Staff


Full Time Officers

Business Manager: Floyd Cunning

                         Business Representative: Craig Taylor

Business Representative: Brian Masse

Organizer:   Todd Giles

Training Co-Ordinator:  Stuart Simpson


Office Manager: Lise Godbout

Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth Riopelle

Executive Board

President: Todd Giles

Vice President: Stuart Simpson

Recording Secretary: Bryan Winsor

Executive Members (3)

   Jason Charbonneau, Chris Graham, Mike Murtagh

Conductor & Warden

Conductor:  Kevin Fitzpatrick

Warden:  Walter Brownrigg

Committee Trustees

Audit Trustees (3)

Chris Froment / Josh McRae / Tim Moise

Pension/Welfare Trustees (3)

Floyd Cunning  / Georges Lessard / Gabriel Chauvin

S/M Training Trustees (3)

 Floyd Cunning  / Craig Taylor / Chris Graham

Roofer Training Trustees (2)

Floyd Cunning / Brian Masse / David McIsaac

Sheet Metal Stabilization Trustees (3)

Floyd Cunning / Craig Taylor / Todd Giles

Roofing Stabilization Trustees (2)

Floyd Cunning  / Brian Masse

Provincial Building Trades (3)

Floyd Cunning / Craig Taylor / Todd Giles

*The Pension/Welfare and Training funds are jointly Trusted with union and employer Trustees.