Some things you may want to know about being a union member:


  • Because they bargain collectively, union members earn about 27% more than their non-union counterparts.
  • Union members and their family enjoy health & welfare coverage that only a small fraction of their non-union counterparts enjoy.
  • Unions help local communities by generating more revenue for workers and that contributes to better schools, public works and other community programs.
  • Earlier union members fought for many of the benefits we now take for granted. The eight-hour day, overtime pay, health care coverage, occupational safety laws, workers’ compensation, minimum wage, retirement security and unemployment insurance were unheard of until the advent and continuing efforts of the labour movement.
  • Unions have been a strong advocate of the working family. Thanks to unions, workers have had the option of working stable hours-allowing them time to provide for family stability. Unions have also been at the forefront of medical and family leave efforts that allow parents to stay home with their children or care for an elder.
  • Today, the labour movement serves as a powerful voice for working families in the global economy.
  • Unions are fighting outsourcing and the exploitation of cheap labour overseas while curbing abuses of part time and temporary labour here at home.