Our Local Union Officers and Executive Board is made up of members elected through a democratic process who come from the general membership of the Local Union.

Our Local Union has a history of being aggressive in organizing on behalf of its’ members and those who wish to be organized.

Local Union 47 is affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress and the Ontario Federation of Labour in order to ensure a voice for our members both nationally and provincially. As well, the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association and Its’ member locals are affiliated with the AFL-CIO-CLC giving us an even broader voice internationally.

The Director of Apprenticeship has for many years appointed Local 47 full time Officers to sit on the Provincial Advisory Council for the trade of sheet metal as well as the trade of roofing. Our participation and expertise has played a significant role in apprenticeship training in Ontario.

Local 47 has helped to improve the health and welfare plans for all its members and their families. The Local also strives to promote a safe and healthy work environment.



Local 47 has a full time staff of representatives that have many years of experience in the field of labour relations, such as: drafting and negotiating contracts, arbitration, and grievance settlement.

Local 47 will represent members in matters of Health & Welfare, Workers’ Safety & Insurance Board, Employment Insurance and disability benefit claims.

See  Organizing/Application under Become a member for more info, then call us to have a

“Confidential” appointment with an Organizer to discuss a better future in your workplace.