Roofer’s Dues

It is every member’s obligation to maintain their monthly dues.

To remain a member in good standing and be eligible for the International accidental death and dismemberment as well as the Local 47 Death Benefit YOU MUST have your dues paid in advance of the month. For example, this means your AUGUST monthly dues must be paid BEFORE the end of JULY. As dues are part of being a UNION member it is a good idea to stay ahead in your dues at all time. This keeps you in good standing and makes you eligible for all benefits.


Roofing Dues

  • $ 29.50 per month whether you are working or unemployed, this is for all Roofing Journeypersons, Apprentices and Pre-Apprentices, payable to the office.
  • Dues can be paid at the office by Cash, Cheque or  money order.
  • Dues can be mailed into the office payable by cheque or money order.
  • You can send post dated cheques which we will hold and cash as dated.

Dues will be deducted by your employer and sent into the office. Your employer will not deduct dues on the third week of each month if you have no hours that week. When you are not working, either though lay-off , on holidays, etc… You must insure you are paid in advance of one month.

As per our Constitution under Constitution, Article 16, Section 11,

Any member who becomes two months in arrears with their dues shall be recorded as suspended (no longer member) by the International and Local Union.

Example:  Paid for October 2011, by end of December 2011 you would be suspended with loss of year’s service

Once suspended, you have 2 months to re-instate at $75.00 plus 2 months dues

If you do not re-instate within 2 month period, you will be recorded as expelled by the International and the Local Union.

Example: Paid for Oct./11, suspended Dec./11 (No re-instatement paid, then you’d be expelled Feb./12). Once expelled, if you wish to become a member again, you will have to pay full initiation fee of $500.00 plus 2 months dues to re- initiate yourself as a new member.

*An income tax receipt will be issued for all the dues paid